Chef Shef’s Lamb Chops


I think I speak for the majority that when it comes to preparing meals, we all want something quick, easy and without too much thinking. I’m not always about forward-planning and often my choices are based on what I feel like, which is a bit annoying when some dishes need longer to prepare. Step forward Chef Shef’s Instant Marinade-Rubs.

Chef Shef’s is a London based company specialising in gourmet sauces, condiments and marinades. Their selection of Instant Marinade-Rubs are a quick solution for a flavoursome and tasty meal when you’re thinking on the spot, be it grilled chicken, oven roasted lamb chops or a sizzling steak.

I was sent a selection of their seasonings to try. One was a marinade for lamb chops and steak. Seeing as we aren’t out of the cold yet, I decided to bake these in the oven. I mixed the spices with oil and added a spoonful of honey to tenderize the meat.



Then I baked the chops in the oven on gas mark 4 for 20 minutes per side.

The key flavour in this seasoning is cumin.  I do think it would really come through on a barbecue but out of the oven, it still had a kick to it. It is significantly mild as well.

Chef Shef’s Instant Marinade-Rubs are cost £1.19 per sachet or £1.45 per tube and are available in other variations including Peri-Peri from



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