About Me

sheenie_homepageSuggestions and support from friends and followers on Twitter have encouraged me to put together a cookery blog after I kept posting pictures of my efforts. I hope I won’t have bitten off more than I can chew and yes, I am Sheenie from beauty blog Just Nice Things!

I am not a professionally trained chef, I cook and bake for fun and pleasure but I take the preparations seriously and realise it is a science in itself (after learning from my cock-ups or should that be ‘cook-ups’?).  I experiment with flavours and ingredients but I am not fussed about whether they’re the ‘right’ kind to go with a particular dish so long as it tastes good.

I am confessing my mistakes and sharing my own tips, customised recipes and even my self-penned concoctions as well as those I’ve followed from books.  I clearly credit recipes I’ve taken from books and authors and hopefully prove you can make exactly what professionals have put together (or not in some cases). Please don’t steal my personal recipes, I can’t chase after you for royalties so just do the right thing and credit me. Besides, it fills me with pride to hear that my creations have inspired or made people happy.

If you have requests or suggestions, or a favourite recipe you’d like me to try out and share on this blog, get in touch (link at the top!).

I have photographed all the images used on this blog so please ask nicely if you want to use them (though I can’t think why anyone would but it’s only polite, you know.)

I’d like to add I have a tiny kitchen which shouldn’t deter anyone from cooking but is very frustrating for me personally.  I need more space!

To follow my journey into the world of food porn, I’m on Twitter as @SheenieShaikh and my Instagram name is Sheenie Shaikh.


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